Practice Management

We’re Here to Help Guide Your Practice

Big Picture Items

  • Corporate Governance Structure
  • C-Suite Meetings with Hospitals & Suppliers
  • Strategic Planning and Partnerships
  • Marketing and Growth Strategies

Daily Tasks

  • Provider Scheduling Services
  • Provider Recruitment, Retention, and Onboarding
  • Credentialing and Payer Enrollment Support
  • Benefits Management
  • Manage Vendor Relationships
  • Payroll Processing

Best Practices

  • Performance Data
  • Quality and Compliance Reporting
  • Financial Benchmarking and Reporting
  • Staff Models and Strategies


Rather than your practice devoting internal resources to managing administrative issues, Encompass Health Solutions addresses and resolves these, allowing providers in your practice to focus on patients and their care experience. We provide oversight of all business and people operation matters, ensuring established goals are met and your practice is on track.

It is not just a tagline; we really are experts in the business of healthcare! Encompass Health Solutions offers access to a pool of experienced and certified staff in the areas of Healthcare Operations, Revenue Cycle, Finance, Accounting, Human Resources and Marketing. Our diverse and qualified team has on average 20+ years of experience and knowledge in healthcare to assist with all aspects of operational efficiency for your practice. We can address opportunities and challenges in-house, which allows us to proactively improve profitability and sustainability, enhance productivity and increase revenue more efficiently.

Encompass Health Solutions will complement your practice structure and processes and will collaborate closely with you to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of your practice. We meet with you face to face to evaluate your needs, provide systems and strategies to enhance your practice and implement procedures to realize your goals.